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Roof Bars

While we offer a hire service for roof boxes and roof bars those, that go away often may find that owning your own equipment is a better long term investment and has the flexibility of being able to go at anytime without worrying if equipment is available.

Roof bars can consist of various types.

Those only suitable for cars with side mounted rails, those can be either solid for most current vehicles or those with a gap between the bar and the roof often on older vehicles.

Ones referred to as “Fixed Point” these fit directly to the manufacturers mounting points.

Ones that have a foot that sits on the roof and a clamp that fits in a ridge on the roof or between the roof and the door.

We carry a good range of all these types in stock. Please contact us to check price and availability.

Roof Boxes

Roof boxes are for the most part universal and most boxes other than the smallest sizes will fit any vehicle. They do require the vehicle to have roof bars installed first, to be secure and also keep the weight from damaging the roof itself.

We carry several sizes of roof box in stock, commonly those will be around the 320 litre and 450 litre sizes. We can always order other type and sizes if you have a preference.

Towing Equipment

We carry a comprehensive range of towing electrical parts along with lights and towing bolts and tow balls. Our stock includes several sizes of trailer boards ready to go.

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