0W30 1-Litre Full Synthetic TechnoLube ADT001

0W30 1-Litre Full Synthetic TechnoLube ADT001

Specification:. API : SL/CF ACEA : A5/B5

This oil is designed with highest specification, suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Advanced technology is formulated to improve fuel economy, reduce friction and wear giving protection from cold start to high temperature driving.

Technolube has a range of semi-synthetic and fully synthetic motor oils to meet the latest API, CEA and Manufacturers requirements.

Technolube also incorporates a range of low ash/low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus & sulphur) fully synthetic engine oils to meet the requirements of the latest generation vehicles with exhaust after treatment devices.

Low SAPS engines can form ash on combustion, which can lead to the DPF becoming clogged up by soot, damaging the filter and impairing engine and emissions performance. It is essential that low SAPS engine oils are used for diesel and petrol vehicles with exhaust treatment systems.

Please check your handbook for your exact requirements or you can find the correct oil for your vehicle here

You are always welcome to ring us on 0161 799 9726 if you are at all unsure about which oil you need.

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